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Radha Krishna Temple is a place of worship and a Cultural Center in Allen Texas. The Temple includes an assembly hall, prayer hall, kitchen and cafeteria, gift store, yoga/meditation room, multi-purpose rooms and storage. The Temple is approximately 18,200sq feet in size with 4 beautifully decorated Shikharas (steeples).

Grand Staircase

The Temple construction project began in February of 2016 and was designed for tilt walls to be utilized as finished walls inside and out. The tilt walls had to have raceway installed in the pouring stage for all raceway to the second level of the temple. Raceway inside each tilt wall had to be pre-designed so each section when constructed and erected would have several conduits and raceways line up with zero margin for error.

Once a panel was erected there could be no opportunity to go back and make any changes to any conduits that didn’t line up. This process was very difficult and required several months to plan and coordinate with the concrete contractor.

The coordination that went into the success of this milestone involved over 500-man hours of design, engineering and Project Management collaborating with the concrete subcontractor and Epsilon Architects.

Over 1700ft or ¾ and ½ conduit was installed in the tilt wall construction to connect light switches, receptacles, wall fixtures and wall mounted audio-visual displays.

During the critical path of the project the transformer and primary conduits had to be relocated to account for changes to the exterior and code requirements.

The grand staircase on the east side of the temple has recessed stair lighting installed in marble casing, this task required the coordination of the architect, lighting rep and lighting manufacture to meet foot candle and city code requirements. The electrical installation had to be done without error to avoid replacing any marble already installed in the grand staircase.

The Center of the second level ceiling is an artistic rendition of a partially clouded blue sky with accent lighting installed in a cove that surrounds the entire painted ceiling. This accent lighting consists of over 400 feet of strategically placed strip lighting to provide an ambiance that portrays day light and sunlight accents without shadows.

North Side of Temple

The Radha Krishna Temple had several design variations and schedule changes including job shut downs due to changes in the architectural requirements.

George-McKenna had to overcome several schedule changes without changing the substantial completion date resulting in working weekends and holidays and incorporating 3 shifts of manpower to complete the project.

George-McKenna completed this project on time without any injuries.

George-McKenna Electrical Safety Narrative

George-Mckenna Electrical Contractors is proud to be a TEXO member and commitment to its employees and the industry is never compromised when it comes to safety. Our dedication begins with the individual commitment of ownership to our safety program by every employee at every level. Active daily participation in the effort to provide a safe and clean environment for everyone to work and be productive is a commitment we take seriously. Daily inspections of job sites and working conditions are conducted at all levels and are a key to George-McKenna’s Safety Program.

Each Project Manager and field supervisor has completed the OSHA 30 course and all field electricians have completed the OSHA 10 course. All George-McKenna Electrical personnel are CPR/First Aid certified.

George-McKenna’s Energization Policy is just one of the important tools to insure the safety of the employees and switchgear and power distribution systems, we have an extensive documentation process that insures accountability and multi-layer sign off prior to the energization of any electrical installation.

George-McKenna completed this project without any injuries.

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