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Frisco Grove is a multi-use Facility with activity rooms of all types. George-Mckenna provided the audio reinforcement and video displays in the common spaces and the activity rooms.

This project had an elongated shaped facility that created unique challenges such as technology cabling distance limitations as well as advanced installation concepts. The main obstacle was faced early on when the Architect’s AV designer placed the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or “Tech Closet” at the far East side of the facility. This created an abundance of distance limitations as well as unnecessary installation costs. George-Mckenna presented a complete redesign of the system placing the “Tech Closet” in the center of the facility thus ensuring simplicity and stability throughout. “This is the first time we had ever seen such a major change to the floor plan and building system layouts resulting from an audio video related request so late in the project as construction was 75% complete by this time.

Door position sensors were installed in multi-use areas to let the Audio Video system know what configuration the rooms were in. This allowed the system to adjust its settings whenever the room layout was changed and without additional input from the user. The system would reroute audio, exclude unnecessary controls, and instantly turn on/off sources and displays. We also installed an exercise Kiosk and multiple wall mounted blue-tooth receivers that can be activated via the Crestron touch panels.

While this facility had an abundance of wood and metal paneling that made the installation very difficult. Best practices such as custom bracket installations and pre-installation back boxes were used to ensure that we were able to speaker placements after the wall finishes were in place. This also allowed us to save time during the installation as well as capitalize on pending changes and adds.

And as a result of such a thorough understanding of the system and the customer’s needs, we were able to not only meet budget but capitalize on every change or add throughout the process. While we did encounter unforeseen hurdles such as cabling pathways over long sections of “hard lid” ceilings as well as programming and commissioning created by using the same AV set up throughout multiple rooms with different functional uses, we were able to maintain the overall budget due to our detailed approach to the change order process.

We will go on to receive a letter of recommendation from both the City of Frisco as well as the general contractor as this project was completed within the schedule while resolving any functional flaws and incorporating all requested changes & adds effectively.


Throughout this project, multiple safety hazards were identified and managed so that zero injuries occurred while completing our scopes. These hazards were caused by the use of Ladders, elevated working platforms, the use of power tools, our proximity to other trades, lifting large equipment, loud noises, drilling into concrete, and connecting our equipment to electrical circuitry.

To ensure awareness of each hazard, each day was begun with the completion of a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and a toolbox talk topic. The JHA identified each technician’s tasks each day and what was going to be done to avoid injury.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) devices were provided to each technician including eye protection, hard hats, gloves & reflective safety vests.

Fall arrest systems were used to ensure that technicians were safe while working on elevated platforms.

Various safety classes were provided offsite to ensure that every technician new the safest procedure or rules of use.

Each team was encouraged to stop and report any unsafe activities taking place as well as avoid situations that may become unsafe due to the tasks performed by other trades.

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