George McKenna Electricalr





Baylor Health Care System, founded upon the Christian principles of healing and support services, is dedicated to providing facilities that serve all people with exemplary health care, education, research and community services.

In continuing the 100 year old Baylor tradition of providing state of the art medical services for patients, physicians and nurses in well-situated facilities, Baylor University Medical Center added to its facilities a new standalone building, Baylor Medical Pavilion.


The new 185,000 sq ft. building at the corner of Washington Avenue and Junius Street houses Dallas Area Dermatologists, Texas Dermatologists Association Baylor Research Institute, BaylorSammonsBreastCenter, BaylorSpineCenter and the BaylorDiagnosticImagingCenter.

The Baylor Diagnostic Imaging Center offers physicians online access to a vast array of studies and offers patients access to some of the world’s best radiologists with specialty training in neuron radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, MRI and CT imaging.


Scheduling and coordinating with multiple subcontractors and OEM representatives took a large amount of effort on everyone’s part. Harmonizing the work effort of eight sub-contractors in order to have the facility fully prepared and functional prior to the equipment delivery was demanding and all work was completed according to the timetable. Equipment was delivered and installed as planned.


Over 26,000 hours were logged on the entire Baylor project with 5500 hours dedicated to the DiagnosticImagingCenter. The MedicalOfficeBuilding project was awarded the Safest Job and that work ethic and safety record continued throughout the work on the ImagingCenter. No time was lost due to injury or accident.

Client - Baylor Health Care System
General Contractor - MEDCO
 Type of Contract - Electrical