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Denton Courthouse

Denton County Courts Building replaces the original Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square, now mostly a museum. The new court building was erected in 1998. The project included a full upgrade to two of the 10 courtrooms in the building. The upgrades included a very forward thinking design for the Audio Visual system along with state of the art Lighting and controls.

Audio Visual

The Audio Visual system is an integral part of the courtroom functionality and an architectural centerpiece. There are five 65” LCD displays that adorn the walls of each courtroom. Each have a specific need and are strategically positioned to for the intended use and view for the jury, prosecution and defense, witnesses, and the galley. The audio portion of the project is blend into the background, but is very much a part of the integration. With over 30 microphones listening to everything from the witnesses, the judge, and the galley the tuning of the system was extremely in depth to attain perfection.


Everything from the Audio Visual system, the lighting and even the ceiling fans are controlled and orchestrated through a complex yet simple to use control system by Crestron. George-McKenna Electrical Contractors, Inc. is the first electrical contractor in the Southern United States to earn the distinction of partnering with Crestron as a Factory Certified Partner. Through a series of simple wall push buttons that allow for pre-programmed scene scenarios to be selected to custom configuration and selections for each component are available through the two 10” and one 15”control panel situated at the fingertips of the Judge, Bailiff, and Court Reporter’s positions. This custom control system allows for a variety of present controls and future upgrade options. The County of Denton received a cutting edge system that integrates advanced technology with user friendly interface to assist them in better service the community.

Client - Denton County
General Contractor - Structure Tone Southwest
Type of Contract - Electrical

Audio Visual